mike daliot

For over a decade, Austrian-born Mike Daliot worked as a senior audio developer and sound designer at Berlin-based music software company Native Instruments. His work as a lead developer includes the Massive, Lazerbass, Monark, Photone and Metaphysical Function synthesizers, as well as designing the effects section of DJing software Traktor. Currently he teaches in the Sound Studies program at Berlin’s Universität der Künste and works as a freelance audio developer. Massive has been considered to be a formative instrument of a more aggressive form of dubstep, which eventually crossed over into the United States to spawn a new EDM mainstream. Before turning to programming, Mike Daliot was a freelance musician who had studied drums at the conservatories of Innsbruck and Vienna. I sat down with Mike to talk about how presets script genres, programmers’ decisions creating and eliminating creative possibilities and the features of successful sounds.