dinis schemann

Together with his wife Susanne, Dinis Schemann formed the Schemann Piano Duo in 1985. The Portuguese-German couple studied under renowned professors such as Alfons Kontarsky, Eckart Besch and Günter Louegk and went on to win several national and international youth competitions, after which they consciously withdrew from the competition circuit. Today, they are considered by many to be among the leading piano duos of our time. The husband-and-wife team is at home in many of the world’s most renowned concert halls and festivals for classical music, with over one thousand concerts performed just in Germany so far. Susanne and Dinis Schemann have also recorded six CDs and are artistic directors of several chamber music series throughout Germany with a subscriber base of over 2500 people.

I met the Schemanns at Arosa Kammermusik-Festival in Switzerland in 2012, where we performed in separate programs. In between concerts we found the time to go for a long walk in the mountains. I had just published a depressing essay about the state of digitalization in electronic music. To my surprise, Dinis Schemann turned out to be very enthusiastic about what he considered to be imminent digital developments inf emulations of his instrument and reverberation software. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to switch between different instruments in the middle of a concert by just pressing a button? Bettering acoustically inappropriate rooms with the help of fine-tuned loudspeaker arrays, recording studio quality performances at home without any microphones involved…  Compared to the purism and habitual disinterest in technology I mostly meet with classical musicians, this view seemed almost iconoclastic. When I checked back with Mr. Schemann to discuss his views on the uncommon idea of presets for classical performance, what was a fantasy about a possible future back in the Alps had just begun turning into a professional reality for the Schemanns.